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This is the skull of Parasaurolophus, it was used to emit extremely low frequency sounds. Each individual Parasaurolophus had it’s … More

The Tyrant Tanks

IIf there’s one thing that perfectly encapsulates just how┬áincredibly well-defended these creatures are, it’s this; Even their eyelids are armoured. … More

Woolly Rhinos

This is the Woolly Rhino, fitting name right? It’s scientific name is the… Woolly Rhino. Well that’s an easy to … More

Brontosaurus: Exposed

BRONTOSAURUS IS’T EVEN A DINOSAUR!!!!! Sorry just had to get that out, this is the biggest dinosaur FAIL ever. The … More


A bull meets a T-Rex: This thing was epic, the incarnation of brute force, the “meat-eating bull”. You can probably … More