Soooo… after a long period of not writing posts (I went on holiday and was just generally busy, bear in mind this is a hobby not a job) here you are Internet.

Allosaurus was essentially the T-Rex of the Jurassic period, however don’t just label it as that after all this awe-inspiring creature is so much more. Without further adoo feast your eyes on this thing:

Allosaurus was a pack hunting predator that used it’s head in an axe-like motion combined with it’s sharp claws and long arms to bring down large prey like Diplodocus. It’s crimson coloured eye-ridges showed power and may have been used to win over a female, or to intimidate. It was also very fast with it’s serrated teeth and could chase after Ornithomimids and face off against Stegosaurus so it was indeed a very good all-round predator. Now for the size:  it was around 8.5m long but large specimens could reach 12m! So yeah, go ask someone: who would win? Allosaurus or Stegosaurus?





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