Shunosaurus: the mace sauropod

Why do Sauropods have normal tails? Why not a freakin mace with 2 inch conical spikes on the end? Huh?

Image result for shunosaurus

Well… Shunosaurus is the prey that fights back, imagine being hit by a spikey sledge hammer at the speed of a horse whip, look out predators. Not to mention they live in herds so make that multiple spikey hammer whips! But you’ll only get to be killed by the tails if you don’t get crushed by the huge stomping 3 tonnes of Shunosaurus! So if that doesn’t sell you on this creature then nothing will. It was 11m long so not the biggest sauropod, and it’s prominent teeth were up to 3 inches in size and were perfectly developed for eating almost any plant matter.  Because of it’s size Shunosaurus was a low browser which means it feeds off low hanging trees instead of the tall ones reserved for Brachiosaurus and others.


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