10 FOOT “Crocodile mimic”

Imagine a crocodile’s head on a slightly less muscly T-Rex body, that is Suchomimus in a nutshell.



Possibly the most specialized predator of it’s time Suchomimus was a fisher not a fighter, it used its long snout and strategically placed nostrils for finding fish before sinking it’s conical teeth into the prey to stop it from struggling. It could reach 11 metres long and weighed 5 tonns, this relative of Spinosaurus stayed away from other carnivores but don’t underestimate it. As already adressed the 122 teeth in the skull of Suchomimus were possibly the most highly evolved teeth of any carnivore fullstop. It’s the largest species in the Spinosaur family (apart from Spinosaurus obviously). It’s formidable claws were also a force to be reckoned with and were used for slashing and grabbing fish once they were out of the water.


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