Special request: Quetzalcoatlus

Image result for quetzalcoatlus

Because of a special request by James, this one is for you.

Now this animal was not a dinosaur, it was a pterosaur which means it was a flying reptile. No wait… it was THE BIGGEST flying reptile! with a wingspan of around 12 metres! It had a long neck and bristle-like protofeathers all over it’s body, unlike birds today Quetzalcoatlus could take off from a standing position. It was superior in the air but that doesn’t mean it was slow on the ground, this creature could run around with high agility to escape predators. It walked like a bat with it’s wings folded. So what did Quetzalcoatlus eat? basically anything alive that could fit in it’s over a metre long beak sooo baby Alamosaurus and the carcasses of the adult Alamosaurs even baby T-rex!!! Although we know that Quetzalcoatlus had a crest on it’s head we don’t actually know the size and shape of the crest we only have guesses.  It’s hollow bones made it extremely light weighing only 200-250 kilograms, if it weighed any more it probably wouldn’t be able to fly! Despite what some think this animal was not the ancestor of birds, the biggest difference between them is that birds have feathers. I hope that’s enough info for you James.


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